Pool Filter Sand: Why should you change it? Know the difference!

Pool filter sandThe sand on the left is brown sand, typically cheaper to purchase but is too course for most sand filters. The sand on the left is typically the sand sold at big box stores and even some pool and spa stores in the area. Although the sand may be cheaper, in the long run it will cost you more! Because the grains are much larger, it does not filter out the small particles making it take MUCH longer to clear cloudy water. This will cause you to pour in more and more chemicals to try and get your pool clean and clear, or for your pool system to work even harder to get the pool clear. Thanks again BOX stores for making things harder for customers…..Stick with clothes and dishes!!!

Good quality filter sand is ground to a size of .45 to .55 mm in diameter which makes the edges very sharp which filters all of the dirt and particles. New filter sand has very fine and rough edges which are very efficient in cleaning out the dirt particles that pass through your filter. As your pool water runs through the filter, the dirt particles adhere to the edges of the sand and keep your pool clear and free of dirt and algae. As time goes on the filter sand wears down making the edges less sharp and ultimately preventing your pool from being as clean and clear as it should. At Deep Blue Pool and Spa we recommend changing your filter sand around every 3 years.

We recommend using Mystic White Pool Filter Sand which can be found in our store! Read below to learn more about Mystic White Pool Filter Sand!

Mystic White® II is the premium pool filter sand. This special grade of sand is angular in shape and white

in color, meeting the most exacting specifications of major manufacturers of sand filters. High quality and

uniform grain size is achieved by carefully screening and grading the sand at our manufacturing facilities.

Unlike sand with ordinary rounded grains, the angular shape of Mystic White II contributes to many

valuable features:

● Maximum entrapment of solids

● Filters out dirt, dust, leaves, insects, small stones, moss, oil, cosmetics, gum and other


● Minimizes packing, balling and channeling in the filter bed

● Assures uniform flow rate and sharp filtration

● Backwashes readily and is easy to use

● Safe to use; won’t clog, calcify, stain, corrode and is odorless

● Ecologically safe; chemically inert and easily disposable around shrubs, plants, etc.

Mystic White II is appropriate for all makes of swimming pool Sand Filtration Systems, no matter the size,

shape, flow rate or capacity. It is packaged in 50-lb. see-thru bags; double heat sealed to avoid leakage. The extra heavy gauge plastic

bags are suitable for mass display indoors or outdoors.

Mystic White® II is now produced at our Columbia, South Carolina plant as well as Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Physical Properties:

Effective Size – .49 mm, .65 mm or .80 mm. (Other sizes available on request)

pH Value – 6.5

Hardness (Moh’s Scale) – 7.0


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