What Costco Can’t Do..

There is no doubt that big box stores like Costco and Sam’s offer great deals, especially if you are buying for a large family or business, but before you think about buying a spa from one of these big box stores, ask yourself “Should I be buying a spa in a place that sells milk in the next aisle?” We hope that you’ll rethink your game plan little a bit.

A hot tub is not a throw away item, but rather an investment for your home, that you should be able to enjoy it for many years. Although hot tubs from big box stores can be much cheaper than ones from your local pool and spa store, the benefits that you will receive from Deep Blue will outweight the cheap spa you buy from Costco.

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive would you? That’s how we feel at Deep Blue when it comes to buying a spa. We think that it is very important for customers to have a “wet test” before they purchase a spa. This “try before you buy” approach lets customers come in and get a real understanding of what it will be like to own a spa. It is very important that customers find a spa that is right for them. Customers should test tubs to make sure the jets will be hitting them in the right spots, and that the water won’t be too high on shorter people. We encourage people get into our tubs and enjoy a glass of Red Cat wine so they can get the full experience of what it will be like to own a spa. In our Batavia store we also offer customer to get into our relaxation room complete with ambiance lighting music and our fully functional spa to make them feel right at home.

Another thing box stores can not provide is the knowledge and service that Deep Blue can. Employees of the box store are provided with minimal information on the products they sell and have no knowledge of the ins and outs of the spas they sell, as well as maintenance and chemical information. Our staff at Deep Blue has over 20 years of experience in this industry as well as service. All of our employees are trained on all our spas as well as the accessories, parts, and chemicals. We only sell spas that are top of the line, and emphasize customer service. Our service team can service all of the spas that we sell, and are more than knowledgable about the parts in our tubs.

There are many important reasons why you should purchase your new spa from Deep Blue. If you buy a spa from Costco you will find yourself with many “hidden charges,” warranty and delivery issues.

With any spa purchase Deep Blue offer free, full service delivery to wherever you want your new spa! Costco offers curbside delivery, which will not get your tub in the spot you want, so you will have to be ready to pay up to $400 for a spa moving company to move it to where you want it. Also included when you purchase a Deep Blue spa are a spa cover, start-up chemicals, standard stairs, and training for our professionals. Plan on spending an additional $300 – $500 for these necessary accessories when you purchase your spa at Costco. Our professionals will give you all the information you need to know about your new tub, including maintenance, chemical usage, and general usage of your new tub. Costco employees have very little knowledge about they tubs they sell and well be less than helpful with training you on your new tub. All of our tubs also offer a 3 -5 year warranty depending upon the brand you choose. Unlike big box stores, anytime you have an issue with your new spa, you can call the professionals at Deep Blue to help you and solve any issue you may have. That is something you will not find at the big box stores.

When you purchase a “cheap” tub from a big box retail chain, many times their tubs are manufactured specifically for those stores, and sometimes corners are cut in order to keep costs down. This can sometimes lead to issues with the tub such as less insulation which can lead to higher electric bills, poor plumbing connections which can lead to leaking, and weak and thin cabnet frames and shells which can lead to cracks and structural problems. All of the brands of spas we carry at Deep Blue are top of the line and made to last. It is true that “you get what you pay for” when it comes to spas, and at Deep Blue we only carry spas that will last our customers many years, and spas that customers will have minimal problems with.

So if you were thinking about buying a hot tub from Costco, remember all of the benefits you will receive from the experts at Deep Blue and give us a call!


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