Tips for Keeping Your Cover on During Winter

Well much to our dismay winter is just around the corner.  Many of you I’m sure have already put your pools to bed.  The trick now is keeping that @^$&*@ cover on.  We understand your struggle and here are a few thing that might help you out.

Water on your cover can be good and bad depending on the amount.  An inch or two can function as weight to keep the cover down during windy times.  However too much will cause the water in the pool to displace and all the weight of the water will pull in on the pool walls possibly causing permanent damage.  The more that water that you can remove during the late fall and early winter will prevent this.

Another common problem is the cover starting to come off mid winter.  I know that its not the easiest thing to go out in the elements and put it back on especially when everything is frozen but try your hardest because when it does thaw it will most certainly dump everything in the pool.  Cover clips are something that can be installed quickly and inexpensively anytime.

Adding water to the pool in the later part of the winter on the warmer days can also help to support the cover helping to keep it on.  Like what I wrote before supporting the cover is just as important as keeping it on  and this might solve a problem or two.

To sum it up preventive measures will help you to have a less painful opening and an easier spring.  So here is to wishing you a mild and quick winter from us here at the Deep Blue.  See you in the spring!


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