It’s That Time of Year Again…

Well it’s that time of year again much to our dismay.  The nights are starting to get cooler and the kids are heading back to school.  It’s time to start thinking about closing up the pools.   Every year the most asked question is what is the best way to close up my pool?  The answer unfortunately is not an easy one.  Mother Nature is not always kind to us as the winter progresses and every pools surrounding environment is
different.  This means what works for you may not work for your neighbor.

The best thing you can do is to remember what has worked for you in the past and see how you can make it just a little better.  Look at your surrounding and to prepare for the inevitable.  If you are in an open area prepare for the wind with winter cover sealer wrap for above ground pools and extra water bags for the in ground.  If you are in an area with lots of trees try using a leaf net to make opening easier next season.  Clips are also an inexpensive way to help keep the above ground covers on.   Skimmer closure systems help with keeping water levels up in the pool to compensate for displacement and a Gizmo skimmer plug work well for in ground or Kayak style pools.

Remember that the better the water condition is when you close the easier it will be to get it into shape when you open up next season.  Shocking your pool and adding preventive algaecides are always good rules of thumb.  However adding other preventive chemicals like Natural Chemistry’s Spring and Fall phosphate remover helps to keep algae out all winter long.

Well we hope that some of this helps along with praying for a short and mild winter.  Remember though that if it isn’t and it never is that a good way to get through it is with a new hot tub.   It just so happens that we have plenty to choose from.  Already have a tub, remember that we are open all winter long to supply you with chemicals and parts.  If it breaks we have you covered there to with the Spa Squad service team ready when you need them.  So thanks again for choosing Deep Blue Pool & Spa and we hope to see you soon.


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