Rain Rain Go Away!

The rain can have many effects on your pool, from causing your PH and alkalinity to fluctuate, to eating up your chlorine, and introducing new algae spots to your water!

First and foremost, the rain has a severe effect on your PH and alkalinity, because of where we live we often get very acidic rain in our area which will cause those PH and alkalinity levels to drop. The best thing to do when we get a heavy rain is to grab your test strips the day after it rains and check you alkalinity first. You want to make sure your alkalinity levels are in the 120 – 150 range to maintain proper levels. Then you would check your PH levels and make sure they are in the 7.2 – 7.6 range for proper maintenance. If you do not have test strips, remember at Deep Blue we give free water testing’s, so just bring us in a sample and we can check the levels for you!

The next problem the rain causes is that it eats up your chlorine levels. As the rain enters your pool it beings in the other contaminants (dirt, debris, algae spores, etc) which will all cause your chlorine levels to drop.  Basically when it rains, it’s like you have just had a party with a bunch of swimmers going in and out of the pool. Often times it’s not a bad idea to make sure you throw in another bag of shock to help you maintain your chlorine levels.  If you are using an automatic chlorine dispenser it is a good idea to turn it up for a day or two to bring up your free chlorine

Like anything else with a pool, it is always a good idea to get into the routine of checking your pool after every good rain. One pop up thunderstorm can cause havoc on your pool! Stay dry everyone!


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