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spa water testing, pool water testing, batavia nyDeep Blue wants to help you save your money and have an easier time maintaining your pools and spas. If you shop the big box stores for some or all of your pool chemicals, know that you may not always be getting the best deal. Here are some things to look for to help you really save.

1. Not all chlorine is created equal.Always check the labels for the percent of available chlorine. 12.5% the highest available in liquid form and is what we carry here. Most box stores usually carry 10% or less.

2. Cardboard can’t sanitize your pool. Many lesser chlorine tablets use large amounts of cellulose (like the kind used to make cardboard) as the filler. This causes the tab to break down faster thus making it less effective at sanitizing and making you use several of them to do the job of a well made tab like the ones we sell at Deep Blue Pool and Spa.

3. One stop shop.Don’t waste your time and gas making multiple trips for your pool needs. Most box stores carry only a few of the items needed to maintain your pool because it is not their focus. That will never be the case here. Pools and spas are what we do!

4.To test is best.
You will never find a water lab at a box store. Here you can bring a sample of yoru pool or spa water and get an accurate prescription from an expert for the best pool or spa water possible. This insures that you are not wasting money on chemicals you may not need.


Pool Filter Sand: Why should you change it? Know the difference!

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Pool filter sandThe sand on the left is brown sand, typically cheaper to purchase but is too course for most sand filters. The sand on the left is typically the sand sold at big box stores and even some pool and spa stores in the area. Although the sand may be cheaper, in the long run it will cost you more! Because the grains are much larger, it does not filter out the small particles making it take MUCH longer to clear cloudy water. This will cause you to pour in more and more chemicals to try and get your pool clean and clear, or for your pool system to work even harder to get the pool clear. Thanks again BOX stores for making things harder for customers…..Stick with clothes and dishes!!!

Good quality filter sand is ground to a size of .45 to .55 mm in diameter which makes the edges very sharp which filters all of the dirt and particles. New filter sand has very fine and rough edges which are very efficient in cleaning out the dirt particles that pass through your filter. As your pool water runs through the filter, the dirt particles adhere to the edges of the sand and keep your pool clear and free of dirt and algae. As time goes on the filter sand wears down making the edges less sharp and ultimately preventing your pool from being as clean and clear as it should. At Deep Blue Pool and Spa we recommend changing your filter sand around every 3 years.

We recommend using Mystic White Pool Filter Sand which can be found in our store! Read below to learn more about Mystic White Pool Filter Sand!

Mystic White® II is the premium pool filter sand. This special grade of sand is angular in shape and white

in color, meeting the most exacting specifications of major manufacturers of sand filters. High quality and

uniform grain size is achieved by carefully screening and grading the sand at our manufacturing facilities.

Unlike sand with ordinary rounded grains, the angular shape of Mystic White II contributes to many

valuable features:

● Maximum entrapment of solids

● Filters out dirt, dust, leaves, insects, small stones, moss, oil, cosmetics, gum and other


● Minimizes packing, balling and channeling in the filter bed

● Assures uniform flow rate and sharp filtration

● Backwashes readily and is easy to use

● Safe to use; won’t clog, calcify, stain, corrode and is odorless

● Ecologically safe; chemically inert and easily disposable around shrubs, plants, etc.

Mystic White II is appropriate for all makes of swimming pool Sand Filtration Systems, no matter the size,

shape, flow rate or capacity. It is packaged in 50-lb. see-thru bags; double heat sealed to avoid leakage. The extra heavy gauge plastic

bags are suitable for mass display indoors or outdoors.

Mystic White® II is now produced at our Columbia, South Carolina plant as well as Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Physical Properties:

Effective Size – .49 mm, .65 mm or .80 mm. (Other sizes available on request)

pH Value – 6.5

Hardness (Moh’s Scale) – 7.0

Deep Blue Quick Summer Fun Facts:

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Here are a few tips to keep your pool chemistry crystal clear!

1. Algaecide is purely PREVENTATIVE, unless it has copper, try BioGuard Smart Algaecide

2. Sunlight does not affect Baquacil Oxidizer levels! Try Baquacil CDX if your levels are continuously low!

3.  1 dog is equal to 50 people swimming in your pool! Consider BioGuard Oxysheen (non-chlorine shock) to keep your pool sparkling!

For more information or fun facts from the experts at Deep Blue call us at 585-343-POOL or visit our website for more infomation!


Opening Your Pool is Just Around the Corner!

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Deep Blue Pool and Spa Pool Openings Rochester NYOpening season is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about your pool again. With the weather as mild as it is it’s not a bad idea to start losing some of the water on top of those covers in preparation. When we get even closer remember that the more debris that you can remove from the cover as well as the water will make removal of the cover that much easier. It is also less likely that you will get anything back into the pool during this process with will also help in starting out with good clear water.

A little extra time in the beginning can save you so much time and money throughout the season. However if the water condition is less than perfect to start the same applies “get to it early”. Shock, shock, shock and shock. This applies to any chemical system. Get rid of the unwanted organics and you are on easy street. Phosphate removers age a great addition to any shock treatment as well and always remember to run your pump and filter as much as possible. Your pool is 90% mechanical and the more it runs during this process the faster it will clear.

Well here is to a great spring and clear pool to open to. Always remember that we here at Deep Blue are happy to help and computerized water testing is always encouraged and free. We are open 5 days a week now and 7 days a week starting in May and are available at 585-343-7665 or e-mail at To schedule a pool opening call our service department at 585-343-7671.  Please check out our new website and let us know what you think.

Thanks and see ya in the spring!

The Importance of Your Pump

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A pump is the heartbeat of a pool or spa, it is what keeps the water clean and clear. Several factors can affect the performance of your pump. In a spa the most important factor is the water chemistry. If the alkalinity or the PH get too high or too low, the mechanical seal in the pump can fail and start to leak, when this happens water will get sucked into the electric motor where it could cause the breaker to trip and will cause the bearings to get wet and fail thus the ear-splitting sound you hear when you turn on the spa.

At this point there is no other option but to rebuild the pump a simple and cost effective task as long as everything comes apart and things will unless of course you have neglected to fix a simple leak if your pump has been leaking for a long time then everything becomes corroded and will not come apart now u need a new pump a costly option.

Remember Deep Blue Pool and Spa can fix or service your pool or spas pump, and always has new pumps. Call us today at 585-343-POOL or visit our site for more information!

Deep Blue Pool and Spa GIves You Value For Your $

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When making a purchase big or small no matter what it is nobody wants to be unsatisfied.   We all have to make choices based on cost versus value on a daily basis.  Even when buying a loaf of bread a person might be persuaded to change from a brand that they know and trust by a promotion of 20% more free from another lesser known brand.

You will essentially take a risk on quality for a “barging”.  This gamble may pay off if you love the bread, however if you get it home and it is not up to the quality that you expect it may be wasted and then not really be the bargin that you expected.

Now on a two dollar loaf of bread we can accept this mistake, however on a bigger purchase such as say a new hot tub this same mistake could sting a little more.  The big point is that looks can be deceiving and impulsive purchases can get you in trouble somewhere along the road of ownership.  We hear at Deep Blue encourage our shoppers to educate themselves and shop around.  Don’t take things at face value do your research not only on the product itself but also the company that you are getting it from?  Sometimes a product that may be a little less in quality can be great based on the service that it is backed by.  Or ideally you will be able to get both quality and service.

We strive to give every customer both new and old the best value for your money, after all you work just as hard for it as we do.  We will always be as honest and informative as we can no matter what you are buying even it is not from us.  That is our promise to you the consumer.  So good luck with all you’re purchasing and please always consider the Deep Blue for all you pool and spa needs.

Spa Chemicals: Sanitize vs. Oxidize – Know the difference your tubs life depends on it

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Ok, here I go, There are two distinctly different things that are going on inside of you hot tub water.

First is what is known as sanitizing, second is oxidation. Actually if we are to put them in the proper order of importance lets switch their order and talk about oxidation first. Oxidation is the breaking down of the oils and organics in your water.

What are these things? They could be body oils, lotions, deodorant’s, dead skin cells, sweat, left over detergents from suits or leaves that fell in when the cover was open.

The reason oxidation is so important is because a sanitizers ability to kill bacteria and virus is greatly diminished if there are organics present in the water. Why?  Generally sanitizers are great at doing what they are there to do…..sanitize, but unfortunately they are not great oxidizers  So if the sanitizer is battling organics they will use themselves up trying to oxidize the organics and not have enough left to sanitize….What do you get then? A cloudy or funky smelling spa.

So now that I have your attention let’s talk about how to oxidize. There are a couple different ways to accomplish this. The first is mechanically…well not really a mechanical device but what is known as an ozonator. There are 2 basics styles of ozone generating devices the first is a light style. Inside of the ozone generator is a uv light bulb that has air drawn across it and injected into the spa. The second is a corona discharge model which has a chip in it that is sometimes replaceable sometimes you need to replace the entire device. Both of these devices produce ozone gas that is a very strong oxidizer, unfortunately they do wear out within a few years. When they are operating properly they emit an odor that can smell like fresh cut grass. The next type of an oxidizer comes in the form of a non-chlorine shock (potassium peroxymonosulfate or peroxymonopersulfate) huge words but effective products. The last is to super-chlorinate or as it’s affectionately known as “shocking”. The problem with this method is the smell and bleaching effect.

Once the water has been properly oxidized the sanitizer can easily do its job. The type of sanitizer you choose to use and the amounts used can be greatly reduced if they do not need to oxidize. There are many different combinations of spa chemicals you can use but it is very important to be consistent and do not play mad scientist with your chemicals.

After many years of testing new products in both display spas and our personal spas we have come to rely on the Nature 2 mineral regiment. Every 4 months the nature 2 stick is replaced and it is your primary sanitizer, along with the mineral stick that goes in your filter, granular chlorine (dichlor) is added twice a week to reactivate the minerals and to disinfect your spa cover. Also twice a week a small amount of non-chlorine shock is added to oxidize the spa water that’s it!

Keep in mind there are a ton of spa water maintenance systems out there, far too many to mention, some are good some not so good but there is NO one size fits all answer. If you are having problems ASK for help from a pool & spa professional.

(Box stores don’t offer H2O testing or good advice about water chemistry) but I did get my oil changed and picked up a cool Frisbee for my kids………JUST SAYIN.

For more questions call us at 585-343-7665 or visit us at

Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips

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Another cold Western New York winter is just around the corner, and it is important to maintain your spa so that you can save energy and money by keeping temperatures up. Years ago keeping a hot tub hot in the winter was a costly process, but now that is just a thing of the past. Spas being built today are more efficient than ever with  design, performance, and energy efficiency, and it is important that you do everything you can to save even more energy.

A major key to keeping spa operations costs low is heat retention. Deep Blue Pool and Spa sells spas that have great insulation which helps aid in energy efficiency. Coast Spas use a full-foam insulation system which is not only energy efficient, but also a heat saver. This 100% full-foam inside reduces heat loss and promotes strength in the tub.

Our Dynasty spas come with a Heastsheild Insulation System, which is engineered to minimize heat loss and maximize energy efficiency. Dynasty spas come with the option to get the R-Max insulation upgrade which not only further protects the spa and improves insulation – but also allows for easier service.

Our PDC spas provide some of the top insulation technology out there today. All PDC Spas are protected from cold, damp, and outside elements with a multi-layer bottom construction.  A tough ABS plastic material covers the entire bottom and tightly wraps up the cabinet sides.  A  layer of pressure-treated plywood is added for strength, while a  layer of thick foam is sandwiched between the ABS and plywood for superior insulation. An inside reflective thermal barrier ensures outstanding thermal efficiency.

 PDC Spas TemperLOK™ insulation system provides maximum energy savings while maintaining a lightweight unit for easier installations. The use of a strong   fiberglass, non-filled resin backing with an insulating foam coating provides maximum strength and efficiency.  Using this process, a PDC Spa is more costly to manufacture, however,each and every PDC spa unit is made with quality and efficiency in mind. With the PDC Spas TemperLOK™ design,   simply remove any of the side panels, easily view the backside of the spa shell,   complete maintenance and replace the panel. Quick, efficient, and economical. Your   spa remains strong and  insulated.

Covers are your spas last line of defense for heat retention. You must make sure that your cover is sealed properly with no cracks or gaps for heat to escape. All of our covers at Deep Blue Pool and Spa are designed to keep heat in, so be sure your cover is up-to-date and in good shape or you will be wasting heat and money. We also suggest that you purchase the proper products to keep the outside and top of your cover in the best shape possible.

Another good way to keep heat in your tub is a thermal blanket or a spa solar cover, which will keep evaporation under your cover to a minimum. This can also protect your cover. Deep Blue Pool and Spa also suggest you get s foil based bubble wrap which can be purchased at local hardware stores, to ensure that no heat escapes out the sides of your cover. This wrap is used to seal the outside of your cover securely so absolutely no air can escape or get in.

More ways to keep heat in your spa is to try if possible to strategically place your spa in a place that is not only in the sun for the duration of the day, but also blocked or protected from harsh winter winds by a fence or shed. Another great way to protect your spa from harsh winds is the Covana hot tub cover. These covers not only seal your spa tight, they also have different shades that can block wind from any direction. )We sell these in store, and for more information visit the Covana site at Another good tip is to keep your spa away from edges of your house that cause water and ice drips, this can not only hard your cover, but promote heat loss.

For more  and spa maintenance tips visit call us at 585-343-POOL or visit us at our Batavia location! 4152 W Main Street Rd (Valu Plaza) Batavia, NY 14020

The Health Benefits of Owning a Spa!

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There are many different benefits of owning a spa. Not only are they a fun and relaxing way to spend time with friends and family, but they also provide many health benefits as well. The spas that we sell at Deep Blue Pool and Spa offer many therapeutic benefits as well as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is when the millions of small bubbles mixed with the hot water that comes out of your jets create a very soothing massaging effect. Spending as little as 15 minutes in a hot tub a day can help with many things including; stimulating circulation, reducing stress, temporary relief from arthritis, improves sleep, accelerates healing of sore muscles, as well as lowers muscle tension and soreness.

Hydrotherapy is a type of healing that focuses on the beneficial effects that hot water in motion can produce. The thermal and mechanical effects of the warm water can help with the healing of illness’s and disease. The warm water works with the jets in your tub to softly massage the body which then relaxes your nerves to relieve aches and pains and also increases blood flow and relieves stress. Hydrotherapy jets bring relief from muscle stiffness and arthritis. Each spa is different in that it has different jets placed in different positions, which allow you to get relief on certain body parts.

Warm water can be a very powerful tool when it comes to healing, the warm waters have the ability to transform your warn out body back to its original state. Certain jets work to stimulate certain parts of the body, which relieve the stress and tension of your day. Jets that hit the right spots on someone’s body help relieve headaches, stress, and tension. At Deep Blue Pool and Spa we make sure that customers get in the tubs and try them out to make sure each individual person has a spot where the jets hit all of the right places, before the purchase a tub.

Spas use the warm water to massage and stimulate your body which then causes your body to release endorphins. This naturally reduces stress. Hydrotherapy from the jets dilates your blood vessels which helps prevent headaches. Studies from the National Sleep Foundation have
also proven that soaking in a hot tub before bed will make the transition into a deeper sleep much easier.

Soaking in a Deep Blue hot tub is not only relaxing, it is also beneficial. The longer your body soaks the more benefits you can receive. Listed below are the benefits you receive from hydrotherapy after a 15 minute time frame;

  • After 5 minutes: your pulse and blood pressure decrease
  • Afte r8 minutes: your blood circulation in your hands and feet increase causing themto feel heated
  • After 12 minutes: your muscles are fully relaxed
  • After 15 minutes: your minor aches and pains should diminish

Soaking also increases the blood flow to any injured area that you may have, and brings nutrients to that area to help repair any damage. Once your muscles are relaxed, your body will rid any toxins that are causing you joint pain or inflammation. This is becoming increasingly popular with athletes who suffer from muscle, weakness, aches and cramps.

Not only can hydrotherapy from our spas help with aches, pains, cramps, and stress, they can also help with disease. Anyone with Arthritis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and more can receive relief from the hydrotherapy. According to The Arthritis Foundation, “warm
water hydrotherapy in a properly designed spa can help with arthritis.” Also “the soothing warmth and buoyancy of the water makes it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain.”

Overall hydrotherapy studies have shown the many positive benefits of engagement in warm massaging waters. At Deep Blue Pool and Spa, we have helped many customers with all of the aliments listed above. Arthritis, migraines, MS, and muscle relief are all problems we have helped relieve for our customers. Many times we have customers who have prescriptions from doctors for spas to help them relieve their pain. We also make sure that before anyone purchases a tub from Deep Blue, we fit each person correctly so they can reap all of the benefits our spas have to offer. So be sure to stop in and find out more ways that we can help you at Deep Blue Pool and Spa!

For more information please check out all the different spas we offer at Deep Blue!

Deep Blue Pool and Spa Chemical Maintnance Guide

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Products Needed: (Always add chemicals while pumps are running.)

  • Chlorinating concentrate
  • Non chlorine spa shock
  • Nature 2 Mineral Purifying Stick
  • Test strips
  • Balancers (if necessary)
  • Accessory products and cleaners (if necessary)

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Place Nature 2 Mineral Stick down in or near filter with “pull loop” at top.
  • Add a ¼ cap of Chlorinating Concentrate twice a week. Chlorinating Concentrate cleans and rejuvenates the Nature 2 Mineral Stick and it also works as a sanitizer to prevent bacteria from growing.
  • Add a ½ cap of Non Chlorine Spa Shock twice a week – at the same time you add the Chlorinating Concentrate to the tub. Spa Shock helps burn up the organics in the water such as body oils, cosmetics, detergents, etc. and will help keep your water clear. Depending upon usage, bather load and water clarity, you may need to increase the amount of Spa Shock you add to the tub.
  • Check PH and Alkalinity levels to make sure they are in the proper range. (PH: 7.2 – 7.6 and Alkalinity: 100 – 150) Adjust as necessary with balancing products. Your free chlorine reading will always read low due to the Nature 2 Mineral Stick. The mineral stick does 80%
    of the sanitizing in the tub which allows you to maintain a low chlorine level. There is no need to add more chlorine unless the water develops an odor or has clarity issues.
  • Add accessory products such as Stain and Scale Control (especially if you have well water,) Spa Enzyme, or Clarifiers if needed once a week.
  • Add Spa Enzyme Cleaner to eat up organic materials and to help improve filtration and lengthen the life of your filter(s) – 2-4oz. every week.

Every month take your filter(s) out and clean with Filter Cleaner and Degreaser. Use the Water Wand to deep clean every pleat. This will extend the life of your filter(s).

Replace your filter(s) every 10 – 12 months or as needed to ensure good water quality.

Remember to change your Nature 2 Mineral Purifying Stick every 4 months! This is VERY important in maintain your water quality! You will spend more money trying to fix your water chemistry if you do not change the stick every 4 months!

Drain your spa water every 3-4 months, depending on your water quality. Before draining the spa use Jet Clean to clean out the lines in the jets. Remember to remove filter(s) and Nature 2 Stick before adding Jet Clean to the water!

Refill Guide:

  • Use Spa Surface Cleaner to clean the tub before refilling it with new water.
  • Make sure filter is clean and Nature 2 Stick is changed properly
  • Test new water to make sure your PH, Alkalinity and Calcium hardness are in the range (remember we do FREE water testing!) Adjust accordingly.
  • Add Stain and Scale Control to fresh water before adding chemicals.
  • Remember to wipe your spa cover with Spa Cover Cleaner to help extend its life.
  • Add Chlorinating Concentrate & Non Chlorine Spa Shock with pumps running and ENJOY!